Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 2: Going Virtual

Very interesting week. The Hong Kong health department closed down our Middle School last week because the absences from Swine Flu had gone through the roof. That means the new teachers had not had a chance to get up to speed with our technology, and the returning teachers were still getting their lessons organized for the start of school. So the tech department (all 4 Facilitators, including the MS one who was attending via Skype as he was home sick himself) got together and ran mini-workshops all day Thursday for the MS teachers. We taught them everything from how to upload assignments, to working with, to making wikis, to putting assignments on the school calendar, to holding remote lessons via Skype. It was fantastic, and having one Tech Facilitator present on a computer screen modeled the whole thing beautifully.

With the spread of Swine Flu, the bets are that our Lower Primary will be closed this week, and maybe the HS also. We're all going to get a high-speed dose of going virtual, and I'm looking forward to it in a big way.

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