Sunday, August 18, 2013

Followup with Feedly

Juat had a great chat with Arthur from Feedly, and shared my 'needs list' with him. I am hopeful that they will design something to fill this unique gap that Reader is leaving abandoned.

Here is the gist of what I told him;


I need 'bundles' where I can subscribe to a group of blogs, put them in a single folder, then share that folder. Currently, Reader does it this way:

---When you find a blog you want to subscribe to, click on the 'subscribe' button you previously uploaded to your toolbar

--Which then opens the Reader window and asks you if you want to subscribe to the blog:

---After you hit 'Subscribe', it places it in your blog list. From there, you select the dropdown and go to 'rename subscription':

---And then, after THAT, you can go and drag the blog into a pre-existing folder.

Feedly's method is a bit different and simpler. First, you navigate to a blog you want, and copy the URL.  Then open Feedly, and find the 'Add Content' button. It's in different places for different views:

--but in any case, it opens this window, where you paste in the URL and it does a little search:

--Then you select the blog and select what category you want to add it to, as well as what title you want to give it.

I gotta admit, I like Feedly's method better, with one exception: it would be perfect if they had a toolbar icon like Reader does, rather than the 'cut and paste' method. Also, instead of having to go through that 'little search' thing, it just accepted your URL and had the option to rename the title and choose the category all at once. 

Now for the BUNDLES...

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