Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weird post settings

OK, this post is both a request for help, and a test of my twitter network as a resource mine. Please post responses as a comment.

I have all my 9th graders set up with Blogger blogs, and last week we changed the 'Post and Comments' settings so that anyone with a google account can make a (moderated) comment. However, one teacher mentioned that she was unable to comment on 6 different kids' posts, so we went into their blogs and saw that they had the right UNIVERSAL settings (Settings/Posts and Comments),

but the INDIVIDUAL POST comments for some posts were set wrong. These are found when you edit an individual post, and select Options on the right side:

Here's the funny parts that I don't understand
1) The individual post settings were only wrong for posts that had been labeled (tagged)
2) The kids are not friends, so they had not collaborated
3) One kid, in particular, does not show the "Reader comments" selection under 'options'. 

My best guess is that, since they were in the same spot to adjust their options when they were tagging, that the six of them made the same mistake. But I'm wondering if there is any way to universally override individual post settings, and I'm especially wondering whats up with that third issue.


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  1. Hi Myron, I had a look through some student blogs, but was unable to replicate the issue you're having. I tried saving the option for no comments in one post, then checked to see if effected it globally, but it only remained on that one post. I'll be interested to see if someone can find the issue. Good luck from Singapore!