Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello? Anybody home?

In case you are one of my millions of followers, you notice there are no posts from 2011. That might seem unusual, but let me explain.

I started this blog with the intent of documenting my schools' journey from a laptop cart school to a 1:1 school, and to track my growth and experiences as a new Tech Facilitator. However, in the fall of 2011, I consolidated my two gmail accounts that had the same email addresses (I had a private one, and one under my school's google.apps account). Unfortunately, I did not realize that my blog was connected to my private email address, so when I deleted that account, I lost my entire blog!

Although I wrote to google about a dozen times and pleaded for them to reactivate that account so I could salvage the blog, they were unresponsive and eventually I just gave up. As far as I could tell, I had no way to find my old posts or anything, as they soon stopped showing up on Google searches, and were not archived anywhere that I could see. Bummer.

Then I just got too busy (and disheartened) to begin a brand now blog, until the spring of 2012 when guilt got the best of me and I motivated myself to start over...hence the "Hello World" post of Feb 29.

Then, just yesterday (May 15, 2012), I was snooping around on an old email account, and activated Google.reader for that account. Lo and Behold; all my old blog posts were there! It turns out that I had subscribed to my professional blog from my personal email account, and (surprising to me), the reader actually downloads and archives all the posts rather than merely providing hyperlinks to the URL. So this morning, I was able to cut-and-paste all my old posts from my personal Reader into this blog, and using the settings on the side, I could pre-date the posts and resurrect two years of posts!

So, even though no one but me seems to be reading this, I'm still very happy to have my old archive back, as well as my documentation of some of the steps of our school's journey to a 1:1 environment.

So, whoever is out there....enjoy. Please leave a comment on your way out, and have a nice day. :-)

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